More than just GDPR

Data Protection has become synonymous with the General Data Protection Regulation, but Data Protection for your business is about much more than that.

You may now appreciate that you need to protect personal data, if you take payments you might be aware that card data is also important. Whilst personal data and card data grab the headlines, most businesses have other types of data that is at least as valuable, and the loss of which more damaging to the business.

  • Assess what data is critical to your business
  • Ensure you have the processes in place to keep that data safe and secure
  • Assess whether your technology is protecting your data or making it easy to lose data
  • Ensure your employees aware of the value of the data and treat it accordingly.
  • Stop data leaking out of your business

Data Loss falls into 2 categories

  1. Data that you once had access to and now you don’t
  2. Data that you still have but so do people that shouldn’t

Case 1 is where some event is preventing you from accessing your data, either temporarily or permanently

Case 2 is where copies of your data has been lost or stolen, and therefore even you have it you do not know who else has it. Both cases can be catastrophic.

The inconvenience of data loss can have even bigger implications for your business when a large amount of data is lost:

  • 94 percent of companies that experience severe data loss do not recover
  • 51 percent of these companies close within two years of the data loss
  • 43 percent of these companies do not reopen again
  • 70 percent of small firms go out of business within a year of a large data loss incident

Fixing the Problem

In most cases businesses already have the tools to significantly reduce the risk of data loss.

Our clients are constantly surprised bout how much security is built into their systems that they are not utilising, usually because they don’t know about the features or they haven’t been configured correctly.

Most 3rd party IT companies are good at keeping systems running and fixing faults when they occur, but the majority are not focussed on security, availability and resilience.

We can show you how to make the most of what you have got, and where you should think about investing to fill any gaps.

We will help you get the most security for the least cost, and where you might still have risks we can work with you to mitigate them.

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