Enhanced IT

Enhanced IT

What is Enhanced IT?

Most people know what IT is, in its simplest terms IT is Information Technology and when referred to in the same breath as organisations and businesses it gathers together the people, technology, processes and security that keep the business operating.

From mobiles to PC’s and laptops, office and business applications, networks, servers, cloud computing, software as a service, helpdesk support, firewalls and cyber security, it can all be lumped into IT.

The problem is whoever looking after your IT are expected to be up to speed with all the latest technologies and have the skills to implement them. As well as support them whilst keeping the old technology working, keeping it all secure and complaint with whatever regulations your organisation needs to adhere to.

Add in websites, support contracts, vendor management and budgeting and you require a very diverse range of skills.

You might think, that’s OK it doesn’t all have to be done by one person, or maybe two people, you might event think your 3rd party IT support has lots of people, surely, they can cover all of it.

The reality is often very different.

Most 3rd party IT support companies employ Personnel with a core set of skills and expertise, and they will all have broadly similar skills so that staff can be rotated and cover for holidays, and or different geographies. They might have some specialists in areas such as security or networking but these skills are expensive and if your support provider doesn’t get enough of that kind of work then they can’t keep an expensive resource on general support.

So whilst your IT support provider has 85% of what you need when you need it, they might struggle with a strategy and roadmap, figuring out the IT requirements for PCI DSS, cover all the bases for GDPR, they are also going to focus on a few technologies that they are comfortable with but that might not provide you with the optimum solutions for your business.

Think of them as your local car garage, they can do an MOT, possibly a service, change your tyres, and probably fix a load of things specific to your vehicle. But when it comes to something more complicated you need a specialist, because not only will they have come across the problem before, they will have a solution and will be faster and better than your local garage muddling their way through it.

The same goes for IT.

Sometimes it is wise to employ a specialist.

Enhanced IT

So Enhanced IT is all about giving the IT you have a little extra help, like sending your car to a specialist, it’s a one off every now and again when you need something a bit extra.

It augments your day to day IT without becoming an ongoing cost, it’s a piece of advice you can’t get from your normal team or provider. It’s some short-term resourcing to get that project implemented or systems replaced.

Enhanced IT works with your current IT provision, it makes their job easier, they get an extra pair of hands to complete those things they never get time for, it provides the client and their IT support with an agreed set of tasks that are only what is required and nothing more.


For SME’s Enhance IT from Seccom Group is the ideal way to get a little extra help without the huge costs and hard sell you get from most consultancies. We offer services from just 1 hour to as long as you need us.

We offer short term engagements at reasonable costs, for services that may be delivered by multiple consultants.

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