Why is Seccom Different

We focus on what is important to your business. After over 50 years combined experience in the IT services sector we realised that most organisations see technology, security, and compliance as necessary and in some cases unnecessary distractions from their core business.

Our approach is providing our clients with only what they need, and everything that they need in one place, so they can get on with their business.

Our Services

Through our team of consultants, associates, and group companies we provide businesses with all the services they need to run more efficiently, securely, comply with data protection legislation and take payments securely considering PCI DSS.

We do this by improving their existing IT services or building or providing new ones and enabling our clients to take advantage of the latest technologies including cloud computing, blockchain and smart contracts.

Data Protection

Auditing, technology, policies, processes, training and systems help you ensure you critical data is safe and secure.


Whatever your needs, from self-assessment to Level 1 compliance programs we can help.

IT Augmentation

Ensuring your existing IT works for you. Building new IT where you need it most.

Web Development

We can help you with simple company landing pages through to complex enteprise level web applications.

seccom eLearning now live!

Introducing our very own, custom built fully featured eLearning training platform, delivered under our Seccom brand.


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Online affordable GDPR Awareness training - now live!

Latest Posts

Enhanced IT

Enhanced IT

Most people know what IT is, in its simplest terms IT is Information Technology and when referred to in the same breath as organisations and businesses it gathers together the people, technology, processes and security that keep the business operating.
Data Protection Isn’t just GDPR

Data Protection Isn’t just GDPR

Everyone knows about GDPR don’t they? Surely at least everyone has heard of it even if they don’t know much other than it’s about personal data. Because GDPR is about personal data and the protection of that data it has become synonymous with Data Protection.

Need help with GDPR?


Visit GDPR Auditing


Our group company GDPR Auditing specialises in GDPR and related regulations and frameworks such as Privacy Shield, CCPA, PIPEDA and DPA 2018

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