Seccom Streaming Services

Fed up with adverts on your Facebook or YouTube service?

Want to stream your own content but not sure where to start?

Paying too much for your existing service?

If any of the above apply to you then you are in the right place.

Here at Seccom Group we have made streaming simple and cost effective for anyone. Our Seccom Streaming Services are being taken up by all types of organisation who want a low cost, no fuss, high quality and reliable service.

Simple and Straightforward

Working out how to setup Live Streaming and making your recordings available for playback can be a minefield and you can end up going round in circles, getting nowhere fast. We know, we were once in that same position.

So, we created our simple no fuss solution.

How does it Work?

The Streaming Platform

We host your stream on our own servers, you don’t need Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or any other platform for your content. You don’t get adds, you don’t get complicated agreements, you don’t get a faceless, nameless organisation.

You do get a simple, easy to use, fuss free platform where your audience can view your content, live streams or recordings.

Camera or Cameras

You can use you own camera or we can supply and fit our own high-quality streaming camera.


You can use the microphone off your own camera or off one of ours, though we don’t recommend it is you want good quality audio. We can supply and fit external microphones suited to any location.

Even better if you have a public address system, we can take the audio feed directly off that.

PC or Laptop

You will need a PC or laptop to collect the video and send it to us. It needs to be connected to the internet and your camera and microphone. Wi-Fi is generally OK too.

How much will this cost me?

Every installation is different, and depends on what you already have and what you would like us to provide for you.

Access to the streaming platform and support is a monthly subscription, and covers use of the platform and email support for anything we install as part of the setup.

We also offer bespoke services for specific sectors; we are in the process of adding business sectors but for now check out or Seccom Church Services page,

Seccom Church Services

We provide a full end to end service for Churches and other places of worship.

Typically, these venues have very little technology to begin with and also do not always have the IT skills to be able to work out what they need and how to get it.

Check out our Church Service page for more details or simply go and check out a service from one of our churches. Follow the link and choose Recent Recordings, they may even have a live event going on:

Contact Us

To find out more about us or our services please email us at or send us a message using the form below.

+44(0)203 488 3050